Cre­ativ­ity is _________________ fill­ing in the blank.


















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  • I may have to dis­agree with you as to whee­htr or not how we are here is a sci­en­tific ques­tion. First. When you say how we are here I take it you mean how the uni­verse as a whole is here. The ques­tion of how we (homo sapien mam­mals) are here is indeed a sci­en­tific ques­tion. But the ques­tion of how the uni­verse is here per­haps more famously phrased as why is there some­thing rather than not is not a sci­en­tific ques­tion. To expli­cate why the one is sci­en­tific while the other is not, we best put for­ward a list of cri­te­ria by which we can demar­cate what is sci­en­tific and what is not. One impor­tant cri­te­ria, I believe, is that of obser­va­tion. Sci­ence is observ­able. It oper­ates off of observ­able data and observ­able exper­i­ments with observ­able results. Once the sci­en­tist has such data it pro­duces a the­ory or pos­tu­late. This the­ory or pos­tu­late should be able to do two things. It must make sense of cur­rent data, and (and this is the really impor­tant bit) it must make pre­dic­tions as to what we should expect to see in the future. That bit about the future is what makes sci­ence reli­able. If a the­ory can pre­dict future phe­nom­ena it sur­vives; if it can­not, it is replaced by one that can. Now. Is the ques­tion as to why is there some­thing rather than not observ­able? Do we have any sense data or phe­nom­ena from out­side of the uni­verse? No we do not. In fact, the prob­lem is worse. Not only do we not have date from beyond our uni­verse, it appears we can­not have such infor­ma­tion. The ques­tion of why is there some­thing rather than not is not sci­en­tific, it is meta­phys­i­cal. Thus it is the realm of phi­los­o­phy and the­ol­ogy. True, many sci­en­tists will put forth the­o­ries or hypothe­ses as to the rea­son the uni­verse is here rather than not, but if they are hon­est, they will admit that they are prof­fer­ing philo­soph­i­cal argu­ments, not sci­en­tific ones.

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