Endlessly Waisting

Asphalt sparkly soil
pH one
Metal­lic mir­rored for­est
burnt by the sun

Rusty steel jun­gle
over­flow­ing con­crete curbs
Car­bon and rub­ber
global glut­tons
Toxic drip­ping cell phones

UV a UV b
infil­trat­ing skin
Ozone breath­ing com­puter
Eco closet case

Glacial smelter­ing
mud­slide storm
Gas, swifters
big tire guz­zling
Fish lying on the shore

Hor­monal flesh eat­ing
genetic wheat bread
Ion­iz­ing oxy power gel
Water pipes crusty with lead

Reser­voir slimy muck
chem­i­cally cleaned
Faucets run­ning on full blast
end­lessly wasting

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