Faring Forth

Upon ways cross­ing
onward, oath­ward
hall of hal­lowed hearth
to horns blowing

Carry, encir­cled you
with heav­ied heart
I carry you, yes
this is love true

With divine, as taken
I am with you
out­stretched, embraced
by silken wings

Show me your
jour­ney strong
show me your long­bow,

Bare your sub­tlety,
so very fine as the sun
upon your breast
nur­tur­ing my notions

May I drink deeply
from your ves­sel;
become drunk
upon your knowledge

My man­i­fested;
mus­ing inspi­ra­tor
may here I die
in your arms –sweet

Shall I then stand
in-between being
or not with­stand­ing
melts as I; dissolving

Beyond the pale
dear­est death,
truth pure; forged
and undefiled.






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