Im-Printed Expression

This feel­ing formed between
run-ons and frag­ments
pro­nouns non-referent
and dan­gling par­tici­ples
on inar­tic­u­late high…unpunctual

On a cor­ner plot
of ambigu­ous agree­ments
of sub­ject and verb
third-person sin­gu­lars
that go missing…S’s

In hours of dark­ness
wherein pos­ses­sives and plu­rals
that pay in apos­tro­phes
steal away
discreet…no longer fictional

Down nar­row pas­sages,
strangely eru­dite
merg­ing past and present –tenses
to be love pressed until gram­mar­less
then rewritten…into sheer desire







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