Keeper of the Charmed


I. The Allure


It was so dark

it dripped

from her lips

where you caught it

with your tongue

then you learned

to speak her language


It twisted your thoughts

upon des­o­late places

in the back seat

of her Pon­tiac LeMans

metal­lic black, idling warm

on your bare, sweat­ing back

the uphol­stery cryptographic


II. The Voyage


She took you places

you thought did not exist

within her soul you saw

any­thing is possible

but she kept you inside

her keep­sake box

a charm collector


Between sway­ing shadows

of park­ing lot lights

or under a bridge

safe and sound

she stole your heart

with noth­ing in return

drop­ping you off – forsaken


III. The Destination


It was so, that darkness,

and was never revealed

she remained mysterious

no one knew her real name

the thief of hearts

will­ing lust in the dark

alone to pay


Of unlit back alleyways

under­neath fire escapes

Where you can only keep wanting

and wait­ing for more

You can never break free

of her empty possessiveness

you are on a chain – hope­lessly attached







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