My Paradox

Ratio­nal and non-rational
the seen as well as unseen
born from rea­son and intu­ition both
either or sit­u­a­tion
forced to be black on white
con­flict­ing dichotomies
not a chance of rec­on­cila­tion
no cen­til­lion shades of grey between
one side or the other
my para­dox at first glance
only appears to be

A higher level of con­scious­ness
show my oppo­sites together linked
my para­dox is not at all a bar­rier
but an ele­gant art form instead
an expan­sion of my expres­sion
my con­scious­ness enigma
stim­u­lat­ing oppo­site ener­gies
in my human men­tal mind
inher­ent in the foun­da­tions
of all knowl­edge known
unforced dilem­mas, a nat­ural flow

Notice the rhythm and move­ment
by which my para­dox dances
as a wave of dynamic pro­por­tions
oscil­lat­ing back and forth
that can imprison the mind
look care­fully and closer
how my para­dox is con­structed
it answers itself
it begins where it ends
its sur­faces become one
a mobius strip

My para­dox is more
than an inter­est­ing intel­lec­tual puz­zle
it is my alter­na­tive con­scious­ness
you can find it in my art
the cor­re­spon­dences dis­played
between my mind and what I cre­ate
the men­tal and the phys­i­cal
my para­dox becomes one
my para­dox takes it shape
inbe­tween my outer envi­ron­ment
and my inner mindscape

Reflect­ing the changes
incurred in one
while chang­ing the other in return
my para­dox attracts oppo­sites
its sys­tem is per­fectly bal­anced
and com­pletely nat­ural
if I, my para­dox, do elim­i­nate
resolv­ing it’s con­tra­dic­tion
it becomes non-circular
and is ulti­mately noth­ing at all


  • This is strik­ingly true for all of us. The black on white reminds me of the Amer­i­can edu­ca­tion sys­tem, which leaves all the beau­ti­ful shades of gray to per­ish among a mun­dane and self serv­ing cul­ture that encour­ages only the either or exis­tence. Being dif­fer­ent throws one into an abyss of self denial and half existence.

  • A very cre­ative and inno­v­a­tive view­point!
    Very insight­ful indeed!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

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