Plant Lore Series; Northern European Botanomancy

If two sib­lings are forced by fate to sep­a­rate, before each goes about their own des­tined path, they can pierce a tree with their knives. One will plunge their blade toward the east, the other toward the west.  In turn, one sib­ling leaves head­ing east and the other off towards the west to cor­re­spond with the direc­tion of their knives. The knives in the tree become div­ina­tory tools that the sib­lings, in each other’s absence, can use to check on the well-being of the other. If one of the sib­lings dies, the blade of their knife will rust and as long as they live the blade will be as new.



P. Her­rmann Deutsche Mytholo­gie 1898

J. & W. Grimm  Kinder– und Haus­märchen 1812

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  • Trixie wrote:

    I love this! I can pic­ture it in my mind. BTW, the sib­lings are most hand­some in my vision…

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