Helle van Aarde­berg | Lei­den, Nether­lands
Inter­na­tional | Dutch-American | Prize-winning Poet

Awards and Affil­i­a­tions
*United Nations Office for Dis­ar­ma­ment Affairs (UNODA)
Poetry for Peace Con­test — First place win­ner
2011 in New York, New York

*Gov­ern­ment of Japan — Received Cer­tifi­cate of Dis­tinc­tion
awarded by the Japan­ese Min­is­ter for For­eign Affairs
2012 in The Hague, The Netherlands

*Awarded an Hon­orary Life­time Mem­ber­ship,
The Lit­er­ar­ian Soci­ety
2014 in Rich­mond, Virginia


“my first poetry bun­dle
at the age of six
the scotch tape
now yel­lowed and cracked
the pages haloed
in mys­tic auras brown
frayed by his­tory
tat­tered and worn
but once read between
the dull blue lines
I can see myself
play­ing with the words”




Photo: Poëzie Sticht­ing Ongehoord



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