The River

A river’s dream draws and takes
From a mid­night rocky shore
Into fervor’s water­course, stolen
As might­i­ness threat­ens; engorged
Relin­quish­ing itself to a flood
Amid ris­ing dras­tic cliffs, inescapably
Away as rapids


If a heart could scream
The sky would be red
Be desires taken, always
Rain­storms would silence
As words be– into vor­texes swept
Leav­ing only gasp­ing breaths –remov­ing
What is more, emptiness


Its surg­ing under­tow, feral
Along its bed it thrusts
Yearn­ing to seize what escapes it
The touch that pauses
More­over, patience
Or the plac­ing of its desire
As a fer­vid mouth, laid


Upon every ship’s pass­ing
Long­ing, unavail­ing
Their hulls still to hold
As a lover’s embrace
In cur­rents tur­bid as love itself
Leaves the river only want­ing
That which slips away















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