Would You?

Would it be you
I imagine

Wait­ing for a touch
a glance inceptive

Would you be there
search­ing for why

Try­ing to find
some beauty in it

Where would you be
Where would you be now

My mad, antic­i­pa­tion
would you appear

Wait­ing, reclined softly
upon pas­sion possible

Where would you be
as I look down the empty hall

Is that you
seen through a teardrop

Where would you be
Where would you be strong love

Who holds my heart
caught in a look yearning

Stand­ing too close
act­ing as if not

Would you come to me
in the mid­dle of the night

To forge these thoughts
you have set afire –a heart

Your scent feed­ing
the fren­zied flames

Where would I be
Where would I be now

With­out you…
haunt­ing my mind?


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